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Three Cent Piece
1865 thru 1881 $10
1877-78 “XF” $500
1884 thru 1887 $250
1888 and 1889 $40

The Susan B. Anthony dollar coin was produced from 1979 to 1981, and again in 1999. The coin, depicting women’s suffrage campaigner Susan B. Anthony on a dollar coin was the first U.S. coin minted with the portrait of an actual woman rather than a female figure such as ‘Liberty.’

The obverse depicts an eagle flying above the moon with the Earth in the background, adapted from the Apollo 11 moon mission insignia. The Anthony Dollar was one of the most unpopular coins in American history. Note: Posted prices are for REFERENCE ONLY. Exact prices depend on dates, condition and current market. Better dates pay more.

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